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About Natural Sedova

I am Natural Sedova, and I am a Berlin-based musician and artist. I’ve spent the last twenty years making and recording music that incorporates aspects of indie, jazz, soul, pop and rock. I have had the chance experience of being an African-American living in Europe since the Millenium. My music and art have found a home in Berlin, and I am grateful.
Music is the way I connect to the world. For me, it is impossible to exist in modern society without connecting to one’s spirit and to one another. Creativity slows us down from the collective crunch of mass media, it keeps us sensitive to what’s really around us. Creativity is a life force…..
 20+ years ago in Berlin, two aspiring, eager fledgling artist collided.
Returning from the shadows, the soulful pop.indie.folk duo re-emerge fully stacked in 2023 with a new project name and concept: Pepperdova (a nickname from Natural’s childhood)

Ready to storm the studio to deliver newly inspired songs and creative energies with guitarist and solo performing artist/songwriter/producer T. Sander (Germany) and vocalist/songwriter Natural-Sedova Swinson (USA), Pepperdova prove their grit.

 In the studio together again, for the first time since those transformative days, they’re fusing their experiences and life lessons learned to bring to the stage a new and improved version of themselves. Making music that reflects the social economic times and daring to manifest a brilliant destiny.
Stay tuned and be on the lookout for more of Pepperdova’s galactic vibes. Here have a listen to our latest single releases….. be sure to spread the word and share our music!

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