Natural Sedova

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About Natural Sedova

It all comes down to feeling.connection.expression….
Attempting to breakdown modern society and its disconnect from spirit seems infantile.
The condition of our world is a collective crunch and denial of a higher law.
As a creative being living in a time where the height of technology consist of popular posts, updates and „likes“, I find it hard to BE.
Sensitive as we must remain, I have had the chance experience of being an African-American abroad in Europe since the Millennium.
My music and art have found a home in Berlin Germany and I am grateful.
I have recorded several layouts of recordings…. Unreleased EP’s include: Frau Swinson (2005)- a singers journey and exploration of love, insanity and growth and Constant (2010)- a souls need for space to heal, to embrace something real, and win back trust.
2016 finds Natural Sedova, me, myself and I, at it again. In a bout to create due to its necessity as part of a life force, this years plans are to deliver to a wider audience lessons I’ve learned: Exposing The Archaic Hunger.
Stay tuned for events on the recording process, including updates about the writing (songs) and the players.

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