Natural Sedova

Synonymous with Soul-Love-So-Real



About Natural Sedova

I am Natural Sedova, and I am a Berlin-based musician and artist. I’ve spent the last fifteen years making and recording music that incorporates aspects of indie, jazz, soul, pop and rock. I have had the chance experience of being an African-American living in Europe since the Millenium. My music and art have found a home in Berlin, and I am grateful.

Music is the way I connect to the world. For me, it is impossible to exist in modern society without connecting to one’s spirit and to one another. Creativity slows us down from the collective crunch of mass media, it keeps us sensitive to what’s really around us. Creativity is a life force.

I have recorded two unreleased EPs. Frau Swinson (2005) is an exploration of love, insanity and growth; Constant (2010) is an expression of the need to heal, embrace something real and win back trust.

Now, I am back in the studio working on my third record: Exposing the Archaic Hunger. This album is all about delivering the lessons I’ve learned to a wider audience. Stay tuned for news, including upcoming events and updates about the songwriting and the players.

My Work